HiT-SQUAD: An Organized Crime Mod for Half-Life 2
Mod Overview
The world of organized crime is extremely dangerous, but can often be quite rewarding. You will join a crime syndicate and face off against members of rival crime organizations. You will find yourself in various highly detailed urban environments engaging in many underhanded tasks to satisfy the needs of your boss. The initial release of HiT-SQUAD will feature the Italian and Russian crime syndicates. Future releases may add the Yakuza, Irish Mob, and other crime organizations.

This mod aims to be highly realistic yet very fast paced with lots of action. Each player is limited to one weapon and one accessory. If the player so chooses, the accessory can be an extra pistol. This allows the player carry a maximum of two weapons. Other accessories include silencers, scopes, kevlar vests, and more. Most weapons will kill an unarmored opponent in 1-3 shots, an a headshot will ALWAYS kill. Kevlar provides some protection against pistol rounds, but you should always be on the lookout for rival gang members armed with rifles. Rifles can easily defeat body armor.

This mod features a dynamic mission system. Each round will have a different mission for your gang to complete. Your team's mission can be capturing a briefcase from the other team, assasinating a rival gang member, or taking control of an illegal warehouse. HiT-SQUAD promises to provide gameplay that never gets repetative.


2000-2004 HiT-SQUAD Team :: Half-Life 2 is 2004 Valve Software.
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