HiT-SQUAD: An Organized Crime Mod for Half-Life 2
Mod Features
HiT-SQUAD offers a variety of features to provide a very immersive and fun gaming experience.
  • Three firing modes per weapon
    Guns can be fired unaimed, aimed (using iron sights or scopes), or you can club your opponent with your gun.
  • Realistic Weapon Damage
    Most weapons will kill in 1-3 shots. Kevlar provides limited protection against pistol ammunition.
  • Accessory System
    A player can carry an accessory in addition to their primary weapon. This can be a silencer, scope, shotgun slugs, kevlar, an extra pistol, grenades, etc...
  • Round-based Gameplay
    When you are killed, you must wait until the beginning of the next round before you can respawn. Each game consists of seven rounds, each representing one day of the week. Some environmental changes will persist through all seven rounds.
  • Command Point System
    Gangs will fight to control key points on the map such as arms dealers, warehouses, and chop shops. Ownership of command points will persist during each seven round game.
  • Command Point Determined Weapon Selection
    Players will always have pistols available to them, but the availability of more powerful weapons and accessories is dependant upon what command points their team controls. Gun shops will allow access to shotguns and basic rifles. Arms dealers will allow submachineguns, assault rifles, and other destructive weapons.
  • Dynamic Mission System
    Each round will present your team with a new mission to accomplish. The Italians may try to capture a briefcase from the Russians, while the Russians' mission is to deliver the briefcase to particular location. Other potential missions are assasinations, capturing of locations, or robbery.
  • Vehicles
    Load up four gangsters into a sedan and drive by the other team's location with guns firing out all windows.

2000-2004 HiT-SQUAD Team :: Half-Life 2 is 2004 Valve Software.
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